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Postural Facilitation

We live in a world where our bodies are consistently bombarded with all sorts of internal and external forces. Some forces we can deal with and many we unfortunately cannot. These forces that we are exposed to are things such as: stress, exercise, falling over, getting hit, bumping into things, working hard, sitting down for long periods of time, bad posture, injuries, also some other forces which we do not consider often such as, gravity, microwaves, radio waves, sound waves, loud noises, toxic fumes, toxic foods and chemicals are also affecting us. The effects however may not be something that we become consciously aware of immediately, sometimes it takes years for us to learn of these effects. In the meanwhile your brain is doing its best to preserve your body and protect your body from harmful forces that it is exposed to; so therefore it makes sense to assist the brain to give it the best chance possible to preserve and protect your body!

What we aim to do is to help your body by giving your brain the best chance possible to do its job, which is to:

    Run the body

    Preserve the body

    Protect the body

    Retain control of the body

Your brain will utilise everything it has to be able to protect the integrity of the body. It is your brain after all that controls every function of the body. For your body to actually perform and function properly, the brain needs to have control.

The brain controls the body via sending messages through the spinal cord and then out to all cells of the body, this includes your heart, liver, lungs, digestive system, and other organs and glands. In fact your ability to read this right now relies on your brains ability to process information that your eyes are sending to your brain via the nervous system. This means that your brain needs to keep your spinal cord as safe as possible at all times regardless of what we do, think, feel or not feel.

Postural Facilitation Massage Practitioners totally respect what your brain is attempting to do at all times. We want you to have the opportunity to help live your life at your best by helping your brain keep your spine performing at its best.


As we mentioned above, the body is exposed to all sorts of stresses. These stresses are then either utilised by the body for its own benefit or they become destructive to the body which then the body has to recover from . When these stresses become destructive within the spinal column, there are situations that can occur that cause a lower level of functioning and performance. Such performance that can be affected are your moods, ability to think clearly, libido, energy, strength, digestion, assimilation of nutrients, recovery levels, playing sports, working out, in fact anything can be affected, and you may not experience any symptoms or pain while this is happening. Your performance may be lowering on a day to day basis without any conscious awareness of what is happening. This is very similar if your house electrical system had interference. Appliances would not work, lights may be dimmer, couldn't charge our phone and other things that rely on electricity.

A Postural Facilitation Massage Practitioners' role is to detect where the spinal columns integrity has been compromised. A Practitioner does this by palpating the muscles around the spine to check where the muscles are working hard to attempt to restore integrity back in the spine.

The next step for the Practitioner is to help those muscles achieve their outcome by applying gentle forces/pressure on those muscles. The Practitioner only helps the body achieve what the body is already attempting to do for itself, but unable to complete the task on its own. The force/pressure that is applied to the muscle is in the same direction that the muscle is working.

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