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From Debilitating Back Pain to a Thriving Profession

Helping the spine is about more than rubbing knots out of the supporting muscles – it’s about understanding how the musculo-spinal system works to keep the body run effectively day in and day out…

Hello. My name is Alex Oxford, and I am the founder of Postural Facilitation and Founder of Spinopractic Massage. My journey to creating Spinopractic Massage was one of fate. My own personal experiences with spinal health and body movement from a young age certainly sparked my interest in massage therapy and helping those feel a sense of freedom when their bodies may be putting them under unnecessary pain.

I was 12 years old when I was at the local squash courts about to play a game with friends. It all happened so fast; I went to swing the racquet to hit the ball and I stopped dead in my tracks. I had no idea what just happened, it was as though someone came in with 2 machetes and pierced them into the base of my spine and then dragged them all the way down my legs. The pain was debilitating. I stood there, unable to move until a teacher came to my aid. I was quickly taken home. But little did I know how pivotal of a moment that was – at that moment I decided to make massive changes in my life.

As all good parents do, my mother took me to see a doctor (General Practitioner), then a physiotherapist. Unfortunately, they couldn’t give me an answer as to what had happened on the squash court that day. They tried their best but could not relieve me of the pain I still felt throughout my back and upper legs. Then my uncle suggested massage. He was certainly no doctor himself, but he knew his way around people’s spines and the musculoskeletal system. He started to work his way down my spine, inspecting each muscle group as he did so. He found muscles around my spine that were both tight and overworked along with muscles that have completely switch off; and therefore not stabilising my vertebrae. My uncle then used his thumbs and applied deep tissue pressure on the specific muscles that were causing my back pain. When he did it, it felt really sore. But the results that followed were phenomenal.

When my uncle had finished the massage I felt better for the first time since the initial strain to my back on the squash court. Within a couple of weeks, I was able to start exercising again. I couldn’t believe it! From that point onward I wanted to know more about the power of specialised deep tissue massage. And so I became a spine practitioner. I wanted to be able to use my hands to help others feel reinvigorated again, by helping adjust their spines back into health. Today that is exactly what I do.

A Lot of people think that working with deep tissue is just for a little temporary relief. Spinopractic Massage is a specialised type of deep tissue massage that works by bringing the muscles that have broken down back to life; assisting tired muscles that are working hard to become supple to work optimally again. In 2012, Andrea Petersen of the Wall Street Journal reported on a study which showed the effectiveness of massage in long-term recovery programs. “A 10-minute massage upped mitochondria production and reduced proteins associated with inflammation in muscles that had been exercised to exhaustion”.

No one should have to live with:

back pain

neck pain

hip pain


lack of energy


lack of concentration


low libido

mood swings


pins and needles

feeling sluggish, or

lack of motivation

Many of these symptoms could be an indicator of a poor functioning spine. So if you want to take control of your pain or to just feel better, get in touch with our specialists at Postural Facilitation

If you suffer from consistent neck and back pain, pins and needles or numbness and are looking for massage therapy that will actively work on repairing your body and correcting tensed muscles, Postural Facilitation is your ideal choice.

Experience the unique benefits of Spinopractic Massage for yourself with a special introductory offer of $45 for your first session (normally $75).

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