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"I'm a Spinopractic Practioner!!"

How great does it feel to tell people you do something you're passionate about? Becoming a practitioner of Spinopractic means just that - becoming passionate about helping people feel better, and live the life the way they want to!

Our Academy teaches you the anatomy, the physiology, the neurology, and the mindset to become an amazing practitioner who is sensitive to what the client needs are, while being able to empower them to take control of their own Optimized Performance.

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“If YOU have the desire in helping people achieve a pain free life, then not only should YOU but you MUST read on”.

Did you know that right now, as a Spinopractic Massage Practitioner you will possess the most powerful chronic pain reducing tools that ever existed, tools, that when utilised effectively, may help people live a life they have always wanted, a pain free life.

These are same tools that are utilised effectively by the minority of practitioners in this world, the practitioners that do not end up teaching because they are NOT allowed to teach these powerful techniques in ‘normal’ massage classes.

Well you will have access to the same tools right now, the question is, do you want to know how to utilise these tools, so that you can help people create the lives they want and help them get rid of unwanted pain?

Hello, my name is Alexander Oxford and at the age of 12 I was blessed with a gift, that gift being DEBILLITATING BACK PAIN. My back was so bad that at one stage walking was almost impossible. Little did I know it at the time on how powerful and how much influence it was going to have on my life. You know when something comes across and changes your whole life? Well this was one of those moments.

I then decided to start researching about muscles and their function. The interesting fact was that, the more I researched the more I found that the techniques that I was exposed back when I was twelve and the philosophical underpinnings on which they worked was very rare. So rare that it was not being taught anywhere.

So I had to go back to the source, the people who helped me in the beginning, that being my uncle and a few other practitioners that I met along the way. I find that most of the time the answers we want in life are always in front of our face, it is just that we do not pay attention to them.

So I was fortunate enough to interview them and this is what they shared:

  1. The truth about muscles isn’t that they pull bones out of place when they are tight, they are tight because they are trying to stabilise bones. The brain does not want to destroy itself; it wants to preserve the body.
  2. Healing goes where the blood flows. If the muscle is tight and cannot stabilise and protect the body, blood flow is restricted and therefore cannot heal. As a Practitioner our job is to help that muscle fulfill its outcome and not loosen the muscle, so then the blood can flow and the body can resume its own healing.
  3. The Practitioner does not do the fixing. The body has its own mechanism to heal itself. The practitioner assists the body to establish its own healing, the trick is to find out what the body is attempting to do and help the body achieve it.
  4. Never look at the body as the sum of its parts, it is greater than that. Just because it hurts at a certain place does not mean that the problem is there. Make you sure you check the entire body.
  5. Make sure you ‘look’ at the body with your hands and not your eyes. Just because someone’s posture is not the way you think it should be, does not mean it is bad. The body knows what it’s ideal posture is, and it is always attempting to keep it that way, what a practitioner does is help it, not change it.

My good fortune didn't end with just the above lessons; they were just the beginning of my journey into creating Spinopractic Massage™ and being able to teach it to you.

My practice today works with the above principles. In fact when I sold one of my practices and started from scratch, it took only 12 weeks to equal my previous income (which is higher than most practitioners). All by applying the above principles and helping people get out of pain.

Not only do I have the privilege of helping people get out of pain, I also have a great lifestyle, thanks to applying the above principles and my clients who continually make referrals to me.

I am enjoying a level of job satisfaction that only comes from really being able to help people get out of pain and into a great life.



  • Be in Business for yourself
  • Receive support from someone who has already succeeded in Spinopractic Massage
  • Be a leader in the massage profession through becoming a Spinopractic Practitioner (all training provided)
  • Be guided through an intensive training course


  • A desire to Learn a proven, innovative practice.
  • The focus and resolve to run a successful business.
  • The desire to Make MORE per year working only 4 days a week!
  • The ability to engage and communicate with people whilst employing patience.
  • A mature mindset and be both professional and empathetic towards clients.



Kind Regards

Alexander Oxford

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